Quality Time

One of the most important components of a relationship, is one that is often overlooked and taken for granted.     It’s a simple thing known as “Quality time.”

Quality time refers to the time you specifically set aside for someone.   Whether you have something special planned with them or not, it doesn’t matter.     It simply means that you could have done ANYTHING with your time, but you chose to spend it with THEM.

Unfortunately, we don’t often realize how precious and valuable time is, until we start to get older.   For some reason, we finally start to figure out that the truly important things in life are people, places, and the memories that we make.

And I’m not just talking about the time that we spend with our significant others.     This applies to our family and friends too.     It is no accident that some of the strongest relationships we have, are the ones where we have invested the most time.

I have always tried to make a point to appreciate it, when someone else decides to spend some of their time with me.       When you think about it, time is the one thing that we can never really ever get back.

I understand how easy it is to fill our days with work and errands, but even though these things often seem necessary, they are still a choice that we have made.

EVERYONE gets busy.    But being busy should never be an excuse for not finding some quality time.

Remember to always MAKE time for people.    Including yourself!
It’s one of the greatest gifts that you can give!

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