Brain Train

Go back to sophomore or junior year of high school. Get in that frame of mind where mom and dad were LITERALLY the worst people in the world, the ones who didn’t understand you because UGH I JUST WANT TO STAY IN MY ROOM AND LISTEN TO MUSIC. You have to remember riding in the car with them. Those awful conversations when they took you to school or the four hour family road trips you took in the summers. I remember the times when I would dread it, but now, those car trips are my favorite for a similar reason that parents cherish it: captive audience.

When my boyfriend Garrett and I drive around town to go get food or shop or what have you, I use the trip over there as a time where I get to pick that beautiful brain. And the questions aren’t ever, “So, how’s your day?”. Poor thing. Normally I open with something like, “If aliens landed on the road right now, stopped our car and asked to eat human food, what’s the most human food you can think of feeding them?” He often treats me the same way I treated my parents when I was 16: with the eye roll, but sometimes, it leads to really fun conversation.

Now, I am not suggesting torturing your significant other, but if you feel your relationship (romantic or otherwise) with someone start to normal out, that is my solution. Ask the strangest, most ridiculous question you possibly can and hope for the best.

Some of my favorites include:

  1. If money weren’t an object, where would you live?
  2. If you could redo the first time you met me, would you?
  3. What do you remember most vividly from the first house you lived in?
  4. What is the weirdest thing you have ever done?
  5. Who is the weirdest person you have ever met?
  6. If the house catches on fire and you are only able to grab four things, what are those four things?

Some answers may shock you, some will make you laugh, and yes, I have cried from answers with this. But be bold, be daring and learn something new about the people surrounding you!

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