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Brian Wilson Biopic Explores His Complex Relationship with Mike Love

Actor Paul Dano, who stars as Brian Wilson in the new biopic 'Love and Mercy,' admits that he came into the project with a dim view of Wilson's Beach Boys cohort Mike Love. Continue reading…... more

35 Years Ago: Jethro Tull End the '70s With Underrated 'Stormwatch'

Jethro Tull's 12th studio album concludes with 'Elegy,' a quiet instrumental of pastoral acoustic guitar and melancholy strings. The title is appropriate. Continue reading…... more

Twisted Sister Rock New York City: Exclusive Photos

Twisted Sister stopped by New York City's Best Buy Theater recently, and with the band celebrating the 20th anniversary of its classic 'Stay Hungry' album, it was fitting that the show kicked off with the title track. Continue reading…... more

Jukebox Bargains: Rock's 10 Best Long Songs

There's a lot to be said for the impact of a nice, short rock song. But sometimes we just want to plug in and tune out for awhile. Continue reading…... more

30 Years Ago: Classic Rock Cleans Up at the First-Ever MTV Video Music Awards

We know the video mania of the early '80s prompted many of our favorite rockers to make some ill-advised decisions, but the MTV era also produced some noteworthy triumphs. Continue reading…... more

Ian Gillan, Roxy Music Bassist John Gustafson Dies

John Gustafson, who memorably collaborated in the '70s with Ian Gillan and Roxy Music, has died at 72. Continue reading…... more

35 Years Ago: The Who's 'Quadrophenia' Film Adaptation Becomes a Cult Classic

Co-written by Pete Townshend, the movie adaptation of the Who's 'Quadrophenia' marked a definitive departure from the earlier 'Tommy.' Continue reading…... more

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