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Sting Joins the Cast of His Broadway Show 'The Last Ship'

Broadway audiences haven't shown much of an interest in Sting's new musical, but he isn't letting 'The Last Ship' go down without a fight. Continue reading…... more

Joe Satriani Wants to Get a 'Couple More Records' Out of Chickenfoot

Sammy Hagar has his doubts about the future of Chickenfoot, the hard rock supergroup he fronts alongside bassist Michael Anthony, guitarist Joe Satriani and drummer Chad Smith. Continue reading…... more

Hear Peter Gabriel's New Song 'What Lies Ahead'

It's been over a decade since Peter Gabriel released a studio album of new material, and he doesn't seem to have any concrete plans to end that hiatus anytime soon. Continue reading…... more

Phil Rudd Plays It Cool While Awaiting Trial

If Phil Rudd is troubled by the charges awaiting him when he returns to court on Nov. 27, he's doing a commendable job of hiding it. Continue reading…... more

You Think You Know Van Halen?

For a group that's had more than its share of outspoken frontmen over the years, Van Halen have managed to keep a pretty tight lid on its inner workings. Continue reading…... more

Clash of the Titans – Aerosmith, 'Lord of the Thighs' vs. AC/DC 'You Shook Me All Night Long'

In a special Thanksgiving-themed Clash of the Titans, two thigh-riffic songs battle for your votes. Continue reading…... more

Listen to AC/DC's Entire 'Rock or Bust' Album

Can't wait for AC/DC's 'Rock or Bust' to arrive from Columbia Records on Dec. 2? No problem. Continue reading…... more

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