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Mac Poole, Veteran British Drummer, Dies

Mac Poole, who was approached by Robert Plant to be Led Zeppelin's drummer, died on May 21 after a long battle with throat cancer. Continue reading…... more

Robert Plant's 10 Most Historic Concerts

Ultimate Classic Rock lists the most important live performances in Robert Plant's career, from his earliest days through Led Zeppelin and beyond. Continue reading…... more

15 Years Ago: Don Henley Releases 'Inside Job'

Don Henley released 'Inside Job,' his long-awaited follow-up to 'The End of the Innocence,' on May 23, 2000. Continue reading…... more

35 Years Ago: Peter Gabriel Finds His Art-Rock Voice With His Third Album, 'Melt'

Peter Gabriel's third album, often called 'Melt,' was released on May 23, 1980. Continue reading…... more

'Dynasty' No More: When the Wheels Came Off the Kiss Empire

Even though they saw it coming, Kiss were unable to stop the wheels from coming off their careers starting with the release of 1979's disco-influenced 'Dynasty.' Continue reading…... more

The History of the Who's 'Tommy'

We delve into the story behind the Who's 'Tommy' album, which was released on May 23, 1969. Continue reading…... more

42 Years Ago: Jefferson Airplane Barred From Playing Free Hometown Concert

Jefferson Airplane were denied the chance to play in Golden Gate Park on May 23, 1973, which resulted in a massive hit for Starship years later. Continue reading…... more

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