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Nikki Sixx: Recording Artists Have Bigger Problems Than Spotify

Low streaming royalties have been in the news a lot lately, with Taylor Swift sparking a fresh wave of debate after pulling her catalog from Spotify in a dispute over fair payment for artists. Continue reading…... more

Former Guns N' Roses Drummer Steven Adler Celebrates New Sobriety

Famously fired from Guns N' Roses in 1990 for his rampant drug use, Steven Adler has turned a corner on his addictions. Continue reading…... more

Van Halen Live DVD Rumored

We've been told in no uncertain terms that Van Halen's long-awaited "secret project" is not a new album. Now we have a fresh set of rumors hinting at what it might be instead. Continue reading…... more

Metallica Preview Bonus Footage From Expanded 'Some Kind of Monster'

With a few days to go before the expanded 10th anniversary edition of Metallica's 'Some Kind of Monster' documentary arrives in stores, the band has posted a few minutes of the bonus footage that's been newly added to the package. Continue reading…... more

19 Years Ago: Led Zeppelin Manager Peter Grant Dies

On Nov. 21, 1995, rock 'n' roll lost one of its biggest characters -- figuratively and literally -- with the death of legendary Led Zeppelin manager Peter Grant, perhaps the quintessential artist handler of the rock era. Continue reading…... more

Billy Idol Talks About Hearing 'Dancing With Myself' for First Time in Club – Exclusive Video

As Billy Idol remembers it, his breakthrough single 'Dancing With Myself' bombed in his native U.K., and he had no expectations of it doing much better in the U.S. Continue reading…... more

Bono Wants to Apologize for His iTunes Apology

At first, Bono seemed taken aback by the outrage generated by U2's placement of their new album into the iTunes libraries of 700 million users. Continue reading…... more

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