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Tour of the Year: 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards

Your votes will determine which of these 20 tours will win the 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Award Continue reading…... more

Commercial of the Year – 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards

Vote for your favorite use of classic rock in a commercial that aired in 2015. Continue reading…... more

Song of the Year: 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards

Which of these 15 songs deserves top honors in the 2015 Ultimate Classic Rock Awards? The choice is yours. Continue reading…... more

35 Years Ago: Yes Look Back at Divisive Era With Live 'Yesshows'

With its awkward snow scene cover and track list spanning critically panned albums like Tales From Topographic Oceans and Tormato, 'Yesshows' hardly screams "essential purchase." Continue reading…... more

Justin Bieber Beats Beatles Billboard Singles Record

Fifty years after the Beatles were bigger than Jesus, Justin Bieber is bigger than the Beatles. Continue reading…... more

The Day Freddie Mercury Died

Freddie Mercury was the face of Queen's wildly popular mixture of hard rock, pop, cabaret, glam and opera in the '70s, before becoming one the the AIDS virus' most well-known casualties in the '90s. Continue reading…... more

David Bowie's 'Blackstar' Will 'Avoid Rock 'n' Roll'

Just a few minutes with the title track (and accompanying short film) from David Bowie's upcoming Blackstar album is enough to tell you he's entered another experimental phase with this LP. Continue reading…... more

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