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Gene Simmons Shares Advice From His New Personal Finance Book, 'Me, Inc.'

Love him or hate him, Kiss co-founder Gene Simmons understands how to make a lot of money, and he's sharing a few pointers on the subject in his new book, 'Me, Inc.' Continue reading…... more

Rock's Scariest Songs

There are plenty of classic rock songs out there about all kinds of scary things: ghosts, monsters, crazy exes. Continue reading…... more

Jon Bon Jovi Is Still Pretty Embarrassed by Bon Jovi's 'Runaway' Video

Tight pants, big hair, and dry ice were all over MTV in the '80s, and Bon Jovi's video for the band's first big single, 1984's 'Runaway,' is no exception. Continue reading…... more

Wolfgang Van Halen Back on Board for New Tremonti Record

While Van Halen continue their latest, long between-albums slumber, bassist Wolfgang Van Halen is keeping busy with his "other" job in Tremonti. Continue reading…... more

Allman Brothers Band Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best

Like many groups that managed to last almost a half century, the Allman Brothers Band's long, complicated history isn't always an easy one to navigate. Continue reading…... more

Rolling Stones Announce $5,000 Signed Photo Book

Do you like the Rolling Stones? Like looking at pictures of them? Have a lot of extra cash sitting around? Continue reading…... more

43 Years Ago – Duane Allman Dies

Duane Allman died after a motorcycle accident on October 29, 1971. Continue reading…... more

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