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40 Years Ago: Robert Palmer Finds His Groove With 'Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley'

Long before he became the sharp-dressed star of a series of sleek MTV-era videos, Robert Palmer was an R&B savant. Continue reading…... more

Watch Def Leppard Perform at London NFL Game

The NFL returned to London on Sept. 28, and the members of Def Leppard were on hand to amp up the action -- minus guitarist Vivian Campbell, whose latest round of cancer treatment forced the band to seek sub-in help from Trixter's Steve Brown. Continue reading…... more

Watch Brian Wilson Lead an All-Star Tribute to George Harrison

An all-star lineup of artists paid tribute to George Harrison in Los Angeles last night, covering the late singer's solo and Beatles music. Continue reading…... more

You Think You Know Kiss?

They've been a fixture on the charts for decades, many current and former members have written memoirs and band co-founder Gene Simmons even had his own reality show, so how much of the Kiss story could really be left untold? Continue reading…... more

25 Years Ago: Bruce Springsteen Leaves $100,000 Tip in Arizona Bar

With no album or tour, 1989 was a down year for Bruce Springsteen, and the majority of his public appearances involved sitting in with friends in bars on the Jersey Shore. Continue reading…... more

Slash: Young Musicians 'Just Want to Grab a Bunch of Cash'

At a certain point, just about all of us acquire enough age and/or experience that the actions of younger generations start to seem a little strange -- or outright foolish. Continue reading…... more

Before They Were Kiss: The History of Wicked Lester

The seeds of Kiss, quite famously, grew from an early '70s band called Wicked Lester. Continue reading…... more

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