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Clash of the Titans: Journey, 'Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin'' vs. the Beatles, 'Hey Jude'

Sometimes, in lieu of actual lyrics, you can get your point across just as effectively with a few "na na nas." Continue reading…... more

Steve Hackett and Steve Howe's 'GTR' Album Receives Deluxe Reissue

GTR, the short-lived band that united ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett with Yes and Asia vet Steve Howe in the mid-'80s, is seeing its sole LP release return to stores in remastered and expanded form. Continue reading…... more

Motorhead, 'Bad Magic': Album Review

Reviewing Motorhead albums at this stage of the game is basically just a fun way to waste time. But what the heck.. Continue reading…... more

Did Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love Almost Have Parts in 'Pulp Fiction'?

Pulp Fiction is arguably the definitive '90s film — and according to a persistent rumor, it could have starred a couple of '90s rock icons in supporting roles. Continue reading…... more

This Day in Rock History: September 1

We look at key events in rock history from Sept. 1. Continue reading…... more

33 Years Ago: The Who Release Their Last Album for Almost a Quarter Century, 'It's Hard'

The Who's controversial and somewhat underrated 10th album, It's Hard, was released in September 1982) Years later, singer Roger Daltrey said the record never should have seen the light of day. The disc came during a very Continue reading…... more

Guns N' Roses Reunion Rumors Quashed by Festival Promoter

It sounds like Guns N' Roses fans hopeful for a reunion of the classic lineup will need to continue exercising patience. Continue reading…... more

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