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Will Steven Tyler's Solo Album Lead to New Aerosmith Music?

Steven Tyler's upcoming solo album might nudge Aerosmith back into the studio. Continue reading…... more

Whitesnake's New Album Focuses on David Coverdale's Deep Purple Era

David Coverdale will return to his time as lead singer for Deep Purple during their Mark III and IV eras for an upcoming album with Whitesnake. Continue reading…... more

Krokus Announce New U.S. Tour

Krokus are returning to U.S. soil this spring. Continue reading…... more

Dee Snider Urges Crowdfunding Support for Couple Fighting for Custody of Young Girl

Dee Snider has never been afraid to speak up, whether it's at Senate hearings or in the press, and now he's using his outspoken nature to help secure a better life for a young girl at the center of an expensive custody battle. Continue reading…... more

Scorpions Welcome Back Drummer James Kottak After Rehab

Scorpions drummer James Kottak endured some rough times in 2014, including a stint in a Dubai jail and a trip to rehab, but it's all behind him now. Continue reading…... more

Watch the Trailer for Brian Wilson Biopic 'Love and Mercy'

Back in September, the Brian Wilson biopic Love & Mercy wowed fans at the Toronto International Film Festival. Continue reading…... more

Arrest Warrant Issued for Former Pearl Jam Drummer Dave Abbruzzese

An arrest warrant has been issued for Dave Abbruzzese, who drummed with Pearl Jam from 1991-94. Continue reading…... more

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