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Bono Wants to Apologize for His iTunes Apology

At first, Bono seemed taken aback by the outrage generated by U2's placement of their new album into the iTunes libraries of 700 million users. Continue reading…... more

Famous Musicians Who Correctly Predicted Their Own Death

Most of the time, famous musicians write about what they know: sex, drugs, girls. Continue reading…... more

Before They Were Rock Stars: Over 200 Yearbook Pictures Collected

Your favorite rock stars weren't always cool. Continue reading…... more

Steven Tyler to Perform at Nobel Peace Prize Concert

The words "Steven Tyler" and "world peace" aren't considered to be synonymous -- just ask Joe Perry -- but that's about to change. Continue reading…... more

Janis Joplin Film News: Acclaimed Director Signs on for Amy Adams-led Biopic

Jean Marc-Vallee, director of 'Dallas Buyers Club,' has signed on to direct the Janis Joplin biopic starring Amy Adams. Continue reading…... more

Dave Grohl Says The Kardashians Scared Him Off Pot

Dave Grohl briefly started smoking weed again, but has sworn it off thanks to one of reality television's most recognizable names, the Kardashians. Continue reading…... more

45 Years Ago: Mott the Hoople Release Self-Titled Debut

Mott the Hoople combined the Rolling Stones and Dylan on their first album, which was released in November 1969. Continue reading…... more

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