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50 Years Ago: Simon and Garfunkel Almost Derail With 'Wednesday Morning, 3 AM'

'Wednesday Morning, 3 AM' arrived as Simon and Garfunkel were still finding their inner voice, if not their actual ones. Continue reading…... more

Alice Cooper Guests in New Video for Theory of a Deadman's 'Savages'

Theory of a Deadman found some high-profile help for their new 'Savages' LP when they reached out to Alice Cooper for a cameo appearance on the title track. Continue reading…... more

Black Widow's Clive Beer-Jones Dead at 65

Clive Beer-Jones, a co-founding member of the early British prog metal band Black Widow, has passed away at the age of 65. Continue reading…... more

Jimmy Page Explains His Early Success as a Session Guitarist

Most Led Zeppelin fans are aware of the fact that Jimmy Page was highly in demand as a session guitarist before joining the Yardbirds in the '60s. Continue reading…... more

'Devil's Child' vs. 'Children of the Damned' – Clash of the Titans

The devil goes by many names, but whether you call him Beelzebub, Lucifer or just plain Satan, he's provided musical inspiration for some of metal's finest. Continue reading…... more

George Clinton Shares the Mystery Behind One of Funkadelic's Greatest Guitar Solos

Just looking at George Clinton is enough to tell you that he's lived through enough stories to fill a shelf full of memoirs, and his new autobiography, the excellently titled 'Brothas Be, Yo Like George, Ain't That Funkin' Kinda Hard on You?,' definitely delivers. Continue reading…... more

Dennis DeYoung on Ignoring the Naysayers and Moving on Without Styx – Exclusive Interview

Dennis DeYoung, after nearly two decades away from Styx, is at peace -- with their legacy and with his own. Continue reading…... more

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