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36 Years Ago: Triumph Finally Break Through in the U.S. With 'Just a Game'

The notion may seem a tad overdramatic in retrospect, but, in late March 1979, when Canadian hard rockers Triumph unleashed Just a Game – their second or third album, depending on which side of the 49th Parallel you were standing in – their career longevity was anything but certain. Continue reading…... more

Green Day Albums, Ranked Worst to Best

No single band has done more to bring punk into the mainstream than Green Day, who'll be recognized for this achievement in a few weeks when they're inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Continue reading…... more

Former Whitesnake Guitarist Bernie Marsden's New Solo Album Proves It's His Time to 'Shine': Exclusive Interview

Bernie Marsden's years in Whitesnake will always be a big part of his calling card as a songwriter and guitarist. Continue reading…... more

April 2015 New Music Releases

The list of April 2015 New Music Releases is a bit longer than a typical month. But then again, not every month has Record Store Day, which happens on April 18. Continue reading…... more

Everything You Need to Know About Norman Greenbaum and 'Spirit in the Sky'

Norman Greenbaum's 1969 hit "Spirit in the Sky" is, along with Nena's "99 Luftballons" and Lipps, Inc.'s "Funkytown," one of the definitive one-hit wonders of the rock era. Continue reading…... more

Wildabouts Guitarist Jeremy Brown Dies

Jeremy Brown, lead guitarist for Scott Weiland's band the Wildabouts, has passed away. Continue reading…... more

David Lee Roth Injured During Van Halen's 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' Performance

David Lee Roth started Van Halen's performance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! yesterday with some new hair on his recently shorn head, and finished it with a new bandage on his face. Continue reading…... more

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