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Brian Johnson to Appear on Comedian Jim Breuer's Upcoming Metal Album

Comedian Jim Breuer promised "some pretty heavy names" for his upcoming "hard-rockin' metal" album, and he wasn't kidding. Continue reading…... more

Rod Stewart Lashes Officials in Soccer Scandal

Rabid soccer fan Rod Stewart has weighed in on the international scandal rocking the sport’s governing body. Continue reading…... more

U2 Pay Tribute to Late Tour Manager Dennis Sheehan at Los Angeles Show

U2's performance at the Forum in Los Angeles last night included a tribute to the band's longtime tour manager Dennis Sheehan, who died unexpectedly just hours before they took the stage. Continue reading…... more

Bruce Kulick Reunites With His First Band for New Album

Bruce Kulick is getting back together with his old band. No, not Kiss; instead, it's KKB, his very first group. Continue reading…... more

Mick Jagger Reveals the Inspiration for Rolling Stones Classic 'Moonlight Mile'

With the Rolling Stones bringing the Sticky Fingers classic "Moonlight Mile" back into their setlist for this year's tour, the Wall Street Journal reached out to singer Mick Jagger for his thoughts on the writing and recording of the song. Continue reading…... more

Sebastian Bach Is Evidently Unhappy With His Memoir's New Press Release

Sebastian Bach still has months to go before he releases his autobiography through HarperCollins next January, and things are already getting a little testy between the singer and his publisher. Continue reading…... more

June 2015 New Music Releases

Here's a list of the classic rock records coming out in June 2015. Continue reading…... more

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