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12 Years Ago: David Lee Roth Detains a Knife-Wielding Intruder at His House

On April 26, 2003, someone climbed the 10-foot fence onto David Lee Roth's property. Continue reading…... more

Bianca Jagger Says She Did Not Ride Into Studio 54 on a White Horse

Mick Jagger's ex-wife refutes the story of rock n' roll excess of the '70s. Continue reading…... more

41 Years Ago: Robin Trower Releases 'Bridge of Sighs'

Robin Trower's power trio masterpiece, 'Bridge of Sighs,' was released in April 1974. Continue reading…... more

37 Years Ago: 'Ringo' TV Special Airs

The difficulties of being Ringo Starr was the subject of a cheesy TV special in April 1978. Continue reading…... more

Super-producer Bob Ezrin Slams State of Music Today

Bob Ezrin, best known for his work as a producer with Alice Cooper, Pink Floyd and Kiss, has taken a hard look at the current state of music – and he's horrified. Continue reading…... more

Elvis Presley Songwriter Sid Tepper Dies at 96

Sid Tepper, who famously co-wrote more than 40 songs for Elvis Presley, is dead at age 96. Continue reading…... more

Everything You Need to Know About the Yardbirds

In this installment of 'Everything You Need To Know About,' we focus on the Yardbirds – a band that carries the distinction of being both celebrated and yet under-appreciated at the same time.  Continue reading…... more

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