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29 Years Ago: Metallica Release Their Masterpiece, 'Master of Puppets'

Heavy metal effectively came of age in the '80s, as it coalesced what had previously been a ragtag collective of bands into a bona fide rock 'n' roll subgenre capable of achieving Top 40 success. Continue reading…... more

The History of Metallica's 'No Life 'Til Leather'

Metallica will celebrate Record Store Day 2015 by releasing their widely circulated and legendary 1982 demo tape No Life ‘Til Leather on cassette. Continue reading…... more

Grateful Dead Fan Tries to Sell 'Jerry Garcia's Finger' for Reunion Show Tickets

With tickets to the upcoming Grateful Dead 50th anniversary reunion shows completely sold out and going for absurdly expensive prices on the secondary market, some fans have been forced to take desperate measures. Continue reading…... more

49 Years Ago: John Lennon's 'Beatles More Popular Than Jesus' Story Is Published

On March 4, 1966, an article appeared in the London Evening Standard that would cause an uproar and ripple for some time. Continue reading…... more

Tony Iommi Tries to Halt Indonesian Execution

A pair of death row prisoners could end up owing their lives to Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi. Continue reading…... more

50 Years Ago: The Kinks Rush Release Their Second Album, 'Kinda Kinks'

It's important to remember that things moved a whole lot faster in the music biz back in the '60s. Continue reading…... more

Grateful Dead Fans Can't Camp Outside Soldier Field Before Reunion Shows

Word to the wise, Chicago residents: Be on the lookout for a marked increase in sleepy-looking Vanagon drivers this Fourth of July weekend. Continue reading…... more

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