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'St. Anger' Is Jimmy Page and Jack White's Favorite Metallica Album

You won't find many Metallica fans who list 2003's St. Anger among their favorite of the band's albums, and producer Bob Rock understands why. Continue reading…... more

39 Years Ago: John Lennon and Paul McCartney Almost Reunite on 'Saturday Night Live'

It was meant as a joke, but it turned into, arguably, the greatest missed opportunity in rock history. Continue reading…... more

Tommy Lee Admits He'd Love to See Motley Crue in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

As Motley Crue get closer to the end of their Final Tour, drummer Tommy Lee can't help but ponder a career-closing honor like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Continue reading…... more

The History of Pete Ham and Badfinger

Like the Beatles, the band with which they’re inextricably linked, Badfinger included four men capable of writing and singing lead. Continue reading…... more

Sixx: A.M. Rock Los Angeles: Exclusive Photos and Review

The spoken journal entry-esque “X-Mas in Hell” greeted fans as Sixx: A.M. began an April 11 appearance at Los Angeles' Club Nokia with the lights down and the stage empty. Continue reading…... more

John Mayer May Tour with Grateful Dead Members

Some members of the Grateful Dead may go out on the road with John Mayer after the final concerts this summer. Continue reading…... more

15 Years Ago: Neil Young Clears the Vaults With 'Silver & Gold'

Neil Young returned to his country-rock roots on April 25, 2000 with 'Silver & Gold.' Continue reading…... more

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