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Little River Band At 40: Wayne Nelson On Keeping a Band Together and Working With George Martin

Wayne Nelson talks about keeping Little River Band going after all these years and the album they made with Beatles producer George Martin. Continue reading…... more

White Lion's Mike Tramp Outraged Over German Plane Crash

White Lion frontman Mike Tramp is angrily wondering why things like last week's German airline tragedy keep happening. Continue reading…... more

10 Rock Stars Who Would Make Great Pro Wrestlers

The worlds of rock and roll and pro wrestling have more in common than many music fans might like to admit. Continue reading…... more

Metallica's Forgotten Original Guitarist Remembers Their First Demo

Lloyd Grant, a Jamaican-born friend of Lars Ulrich's, played on Metallica's first demo before disappearing into history. Continue reading…... more

UPDATED: Sacha Baron Cohen NOT Rejoining Freddie Mercury Biopic

After a two-year absence, Sacha Baron Cohen has rejoined the Freddie Mercury biopic. Continue reading…... more

Pro Wrestlers Who Look Like Metallica

While gathering photos for various Metallica stories, we've noticed something rather odd: Nearly every member of the group has a pro wrestling look-alike. Continue reading…... more

Bruce Springsteen Releases New Year's Eve 1980 Nassau Coliseum Concert

Bruce Springsteen has released the fourth installment in his classic concert series, a nearly four-hour show from Dec. 31, 1980. Continue reading…... more

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