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Jason Becker Describes The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge As 'Amazing'

Jason Becker, who has lived with ALS since 1989, is overwhelmed by the Ice Bucket Challenge. Continue reading…... more

Phil Anselmo Still Doesn't Like Metallica's 'Load'

Down frontman Phil Anselmo has never been shy about calling out the guys in Metallica when he feels it's necessary, and he does it again in the Sept. 2014 issue of Metal Hammer. Continue reading…... more

Led Zeppelin Post Trailer for 'IV' Reissue

Led Zeppelin fans turned out in droves for the first wave of the band's deluxe catalog reissues, and now it's time to get ready for the next round. Continue reading…... more

Joe Perry Talks Years of Aerosmith Tension: 'People Don't Change Much Over the Years'

Aerosmith are in the middle of another successful tour and they haven't had a major public argument in several years, but that doesn't mean things are totally harmonious between Joe Perry and Steven Tyler. Continue reading…... more

Ex-Iron Maiden Singer Paul Di'Anno: 'My Voice Is Actually Getting Better'

Some singers worry about their voices to the point that they'll refuse to speak before a gig or cancel a show if they're feeling under the weather. Continue reading…... more

Bruce Springteen Albums, Ranked From Worst to Best

Because he spent so many of his formative years painstakingly crafting his albums, we don’t often think of Bruce Springsteen as a prolific artist. Continue reading…... more

Glenn Cornick, Founding Jethro Tull Bassist, Dies

Cornick played on Jethro Tull's first three albums. He was 67. Continue reading…... more

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