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Can You Guess The Artist In This Yearbook Photo?

  For over four decades, this innocent looking young man has been the backbone of one of rock's biggest -- and wildest -- bands. Can you recognize him from this yearbook photo? You need a few more clues? OK, he seems to play best when he's surrounded by family -- in fact he's never recorded music with anybody else. And Continue reading…... more

Alvin Stardust Dies at 72

Singer and actor Alvin Stardust has passed away at the age of 72, shortly after being diagnosed with prostate cancer. Continue reading…... more

Ex-Dr. Feelgood Guitarist Wilko Johnson Declared Cancer-Free

Guitarist Wilko Johnson has been given a clean bill of health by doctors two years after being told he had 10 months to live -- and weeks after undergoing a lengthy operation to remove a massive tumor from his pancreas. Continue reading…... more

Sammy Hagar on His New Acoustic Album and Revisiting Classics – Exclusive Interview

Sammy Hagar has been all about spontaneity over the past few years. Continue reading…... more

Ozzy Osbourne Is Open to Black Sabbath Reunion With Bill Ward

As Black Sabbath start work on a new record, Ozzy Osbourne says he'd consider a reunion with the band's original drummer -- but only on one condition. Continue reading…... more

Iron Maiden's 'The Trooper' Honored With Two Very, Very Different Cover Versions

It's a generally accepted musical truth that, when attempting to cover another person's song, you should either try and add your own spin to the original or just not bother. Continue reading…... more

Sixx:A.M. Preview World Tour With Footage From Album-Release Show

"We can't wait to play these songs live and put on a rock extravaganza for our fans." Continue reading…... more

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