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'Baker Street' Saxophonist Raphael Ravenscroft Dies at 60

The musician responsible for one of rock's most memorable sax riffs has passed away at the age of 60 following what press reports are calling a "suspected heart attack." Continue reading…... more

Allman Brothers Band Say No Special Guests at Final Live Shows

The set lists promise to be heavy with classics when the Allman Brothers Band conclude their reign as one of rock's top live draws with one last six-night stand at New York's Beacon Theatre this month, but don't expect any famous friends or faces from the past to join them. Continue reading…... more

Alex Lifeson Talks About the 'Staying Power' of '70s Rock

Former Styx frontman Dennis DeYoung recently told us that classic rock died in 1979, and even if you dispute his timeline, there's no getting around the decade's hold on fans of the genre. Continue reading…... more

Beatles, Judas Priest Announce New Vinyl – 2014 Record Store Day Black Friday Releases

The list of 2014 Record Store Day Black Friday releases has just gotten a whole lot more impressive, as classic rock icons such as Judas Priest, the Beatles and Neil Young add exclusive vinyl sets to a list that already included David Bowie, Metallica and many more. Continue reading…... more

Steven Tyler Opens Up About Addiction: 'Fighting It Every Day'

Many people don't realize it, but the struggle with addiction doesn't end after rehab; it's a lifelong fight, and one that requires lifelong commitment. Continue reading…... more

Bob Seger on Retirement Rumors: 'I Don't Want to Overstay My Welcome'

Bob Seger turns 70 next year, so when he decided to title his first new album in eight years 'Ride Out,' he must have known on some level that it would cause some speculation regarding his long-term career plans. Continue reading…... more

Stevie Ray Vaughan vs. Dio – Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame Semifinals

They both made it through the first round, and now Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dio will have to battle each other for a spot in the Ultimate Classic Rock Hall of Fame. Continue reading…... more

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