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Top 10 Chris Squire Yes Songs

As this list of Top 10 Chris Squire Yes Songs shows, the only constant for this band is change – and, of course, Squire himself. Continue reading…... more

Top 10 Yes Songs of the '70s

The 1970s were a particularly creative period for Yes, a time that found them working without boundaries or time restrictions. Continue reading…... more

2013 Interview: Chris Squire Discusses Classic Albums Tour, New Music From Yes

Stalwart Chris Squire always saw Yes' member turnover as a benefit, one which he said often "refreshed the musical approach" as they prepared to make the next album. Continue reading…... more

30 Years Ago: AC/DC Move Into the Video Era With 'Fly on the Wall'

AC/DC took their first steps towards MTV on 'Fly on the Wall," which was released on June 28, 1985. Continue reading…... more

41 Years Ago: Elton John's 'Caribou' Isn't a Classic, But It's Close

Elton John's 'Caribou' is a step down from some of his best-known '70s albums, but still has its charms. Continue reading…... more

Grateful Dead Kick Off 'Fare Thee Well' Shows With An Eye on the Past: Video, Setlist, Photos

The Grateful Dead's "core four" began their Fare Thee Well concerts on Friday in a fitting way, with the biographical "Truckin.'" Continue reading…... more

Yes Co-Founder Chris Squire Dies

Co-founding bassist Chris Squire has died at age 67 after a battle with leukemia. Continue reading…... more

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